Monday, June 16, 2014

久しぶり Been a long time.

Hey everyone it has been a long long time since I have posted a blog. Really I have no idea why I am doing this but I notes that my blog was getting about 30 views per month even thought I had never use it, so I thought oh well might as well say hello.

Well hard to think that this has been four years of ups and downs good shit and bad shit. But I can't fill you all in because like everyone I have a private life.

One major thing is for the last year and 10 months I have been studying Japanese which has been a big thing on my life, maybe most of you already know that maybe you do not. Studying a language is not easy and it does take a lot of work, not as easy as remember a few words and put them together and balm you are speaking.

Anyway with studying Japanese I have had many great times and met many people both good or bad, I guess the way I study now is lot different now than to before then I again it might be that as we get better in something we change how we do thing.

One of my goals is to live and study in Japan. Yet that may be some time of.

Anyway if you guys have anything to say please free to comment. It has been a long time.

PS: I will need to study a lot more before I can do blog post in Japanese, right now I write like a 5 year old. LOL