Sunday, December 12, 2010

annoying people with bags

Hello Everyone
Well well here I am again on my PC posting a blog, the last few days I have been letting people know about my blog, I guess so far no one has come and taken a look but I got to give it sometime.

Today what I want I like to write about is how people can do so many annoying things and not even know how it is annoying, here I am talking about when you go out and the dumb people we see around.

We have all seen it, we are walking drown the street, getting of a train, getting on a lift or some where on escalator and as soon as the person in front gets of.

What does he or she do. Stop at middle of the fucking walk way. Like how annoying do people find that your on your way to work or to a friends or where ever and a person stop in your walk way.

One other thing that annoys me is you are waiting to get on a train, you do the right thing and try to let people of 1st, yet someone pushes past you and bumps there way into everyone getting off.

Now the most annoying thing I find is bags on seats, that pisses me of so much. Geez your bag is a bag it not a child, put it under the seat (most times it is cleaner then most train seats in Australia) and offer the seat to some person who is standing up. I been on train and seen 20 seats waisted by bags.

To me there should be a fine.

Anyway if you have a comment about what I said or like to list some of the things that annoy you when you go out feel free to comment down below.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Well hello there

Well well today I start of my blog.
To think about it this 1st post is the hardest of them all, as I have some idea what my blog is about but no way of starting it of, I guess the 1st thing I should write about is what I am thinking right now.

Well I just got home from Taekwondo training thought it was nothing more then games and fun as last week we had grading, I had not gone thought my grading as I had only rejoy two weeks before the gradings took place.

Thought even my age it is always good to have fun and muck around with out the effed of getting drunk or staying out in night in unsafe places.

Do not get me wrong I do enjoy going out having drinks with mates and such, it good to sit out with ur friends and enjoy life, lately I have recontacted some of my friends that I have not seen in a long time it feels good been back with friends.

It is good as you can fix up alot of miss understandings and able to reset every thing.